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What is Sitemap and How to Work with it in PrestaShop

A Sitemap is a simple yet powerful tool that can help boost your website’s presence on the internet. In basic terms, it’s a file that has all the different links, or URLs, of your site. This file is quite important for search engines like Google. When these search engines visit, or “crawl”, your site, they use your Sitemap to understand what your website is all about. Understanding and using a Sitemap is very important for SEO.

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A Simple Guide to Configuring Robots.txt in PrestaShop

Robots.txt is a small, but powerful file that tells search engine bots how to interact with your website. It’s like a guidebook, showing them which pages to visit (index) and which ones to skip (ignore). A well-set-up Robots.txt can help your website’s SEO. Actually it’s not just for PrestaShop, it can be found on any site. But in this post we will discuss how it works in PrestaShop.

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