Super Glossary Module

PrestaShop - 8.1.7

With this module you can create a glossary - an alphabetical list of words with their definitions.

You can fill it with terms related to your business and customize its design to fit your shop.

Glossary allows you to clearly describe the various terms related to your products. It can be ingredients in cosmetics or in food products, or complex technical terms in the description of some equipment. It is also important because seeing such a term, the visitor will remain on the site, and won't leave to search for meaning on the Internet.

Glossary makes your site look more respectful and caring about customers, it improves the user experience.

It is very useful for SEO - you can easily create a lot of useful unique content. And by creating interesting and useful content, you contribute to the growth of customer loyalty.

Main features:

  • SEO-friendly - meta tags, friendly URLs, proper content structure etc.
  • Customizable design - 3 themes, color configuration etc.
  • Easy navigation - ABC list, search, pagination
  • Ability to create multiple glossaries - each with its own configuration
  • Auto highlighting other terms in definitions and showing them in tooltips
  • Highlighting terms in the product description
  • Highlighting terms in the product features (PrestaShop 1.7+) and in the CMS pages content (PrestaShop 1.7.1+)
  • Ability to select related products for displaying at the term page
  • Compatible with Google Sitemap module
  • Full multilanguage and multistore support
  • and much more

Data sheet

PrestaShop support - 8.1.7
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Super Glossary
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