Better Customer Filter Module

PrestaShop - 8.1.6

Fast and flexible ajax filter for customers in Back Office.

Supports searching by customer group, company, address, age, VAT and much more. Also allows you to display additional columns in the customer list.

This module is designed to simplify customer searching and management in Back Office.

It allows you to:

  • Search new customers that need your attention - for example newly registered B2B customers that need validation.
  • Search through all customers to get any necessary info or statistics - find the best customers who spent the most, who bought some specific product, who belongs to specific customer group etc.
  • Display necessary information directly in the customer list - customer group, delivery address, phone etc.

Filters and columns can be configured separately for each employee.

Also the module allows you to create sets of filters and quickly switch between them.

Search customers by:

  • customer group
  • sales
  • ordered products (names, references, IDs)
  • delivery / invoice address
  • phone
  • company name
  • city, country, delivery state / region
  • VAT number
  • DNI number
  • order count
  • age

Available columns for the customer list:

  • default customer group
  • list of customer groups
  • company
  • ordered products
  • age
  • birthday
  • country
  • full address
  • city
  • phone
  • order count
  • last order
  • delivery state / region
  • VAT
  • DNI

+ Ability to hide any default column.

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Better Customer Filter
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