Product Availability Indicator Module

PrestaShop - 8.1.6

This module allows you to clearly show the availability of products. It can also show product demand statistics, motivating customers to make a purchase as soon as possible.

With this module you can display stock information of your products. And demand statistics will stimulate impulse buying.

The module is easily and flexibly configurable - you can configure it to fit your theme.

Main features:

  • 4 different themes
  • Customizable colors and size
  • Customizable display positions
  • An ability to display indicators at the product page and in the product list
  • An ability to show demand statistics - how many times the product was bought and added to cart and for what period
  • You can flexibly adjust the stock levels - specify the quantity, color, text for any number of levels
  • Availability levels can also be individually configured for any product and category.
  • You can enable / disable the indicator for any product or category
  • The module can replace standard quantity information
  • And much more - just check out the demo

Data sheet

PrestaShop support - 8.1.6
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Product Availability Indicator
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