Cart Countdown Module

PrestaShop - 8.1.6

This module shows a countdown for the cart. It can create a personal discount, clear the cart on expiration or just display a promo text.

This module motivates customers to immediately submit their orders and not postpone them.

It allows you to display a countdown in the cart. You can set an action for the countdown:

1) Offer customer a personal discount until countdown expiration.

2) Clear the cart after countdown expiration.

3) Or simply display some text message - promo text or important information.

Main features:

  • 3 modes of working - discount, cart clearing and text only
  • customizable position - show the countdown right in the cart or as a top banner etc.
  • separate text messages for active and expired countdown
  • an ability to select categories of products for which countdown should be activated
  • customizable colors and background image
  • 3 themes

And much more - just see the demo

Data sheet

PrestaShop support - 8.1.6
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Cart Countdown
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