Automatic image trimming and cropping Module

PrestaShop - 8.1.6

This module allows you to automatically trim the excess background of your images. Also it can crop images and add borders to them.

It will help you to make your photos cleaner, more informative and simply looking better.

This module is created for making your photos looking better:

1) It can automatically trim empty background from your photos - you don't need to do it manually anymore.

2) It allows you to manually trim any side of an image - remove all the unnecessary space.

3) It can automatically crop your images to fullfill the viewport.

4) And It allows you to add borders to your images - if you need to add some additional space around the image.


  • Automatically trims empty background
  • Allows to manually trim photos
  • Allows adding borders around trimmed images.
  • Allows to fully customize trimming settings for each product and each its image
  • Works with any image type in your shop, not only products
  • Doesn't change your source images - you can disable the module anytime
  • Allows you to trim background even completely without keeping PrestaShop proportions
  • Can crop an image and fullfill the viewport
  • And much more - just see the demo

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PrestaShop support - 8.1.6
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Automatic image trimming and cropping
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